• Forecasting Your Financial Future Just Got Easier
    Use our Scenario analysis to determine the impact of certain life-events before they happen.
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  • Your Next Purchase is All About the Timing!

    Use our Affordability analysis to determine the best time to make a desired purchase.
    More about affordability
  • Now Get Your Financial Advice
    Your Way
    Use our built-in advice and tips to guide you, or seek the advice of a Finacast Approved Advisor.
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  • Don't Just Get a Financial Plan, Get Your Financial Plan
    Our budget tracking and goal creation tools allow you to create a financial plan just for you.
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With Finacast get more out of your money, today and tomorrow!

Finacast helps you find your way to financial independence by tracking your spending, monitoring your financial goals, checking your financial health and advising you on purchases. With Finacast get more out of your money, today and tomorrow in depth analysis of your financial future. Learn more

Scenario Forecasting allows simulations to be performed to better understand your financial health and circumstances under various life-events. The simulations are run via scenarios you create, that represent certain life-events that could impact your financial circumstances. More about Forecasting >


Using the tools available within Finacast, you can utilize our built-in advice and tips to help understand your situation and make better financial decisions. More about advice tools >


When using Finacast, you may wish to seek the advice of an experienced profesional. You can easily select from a group of qualified Finacast advisors to offer advice and guidance. More about advisors >
Plan & Report

As you would come to expect in a robust Financial tool, Finacast offers thorough reporting on your financial activity along with tools that support the creation of a detailed financial plan. More about plans & reports >

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